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Illuminating the Deeper Meaning of the Crime-Solving Devil TV Show

Delivered weekly on Thursdays

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Lucifer is more than just an escapist TV show. Join us as we unmask the unique allure of this series. Based on Neil Gaiman's comic book, Lucifer offers captivating storytelling, a blend of humor and gravitas, and an intriguing mix of celestial beings and everyday humans. 

We're going to dive deep the whole series, two episodes at a time. Lightbringers is fan-girling with brains; we're on a deep exploration of storytelling, symbolism, psychology, societal norms, and television as a medium.


Whether you're a die-hard Lucifer fan or simply a TV buff who appreciates great storytelling, join us in a rewatch and weekly geek-out. Listen here or wherever you get your pods!

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