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27: Deep Thoughts About Journalism in Pop Culture with Jon Shorr

March 12, 2024

Good night and good luck and you stay classy, San Diego!

On this week’s episode of Deep Thoughts, Tracie and Emily welcome media studies professor (retired) Jon Shorr to talk about how pop culture has conditioned us to think about journalism, reporters, and “the news.” From Lois Lane to Woodward and Bernstein to Mary Tyler Moore, we discuss the ways comics, movies, and television have introduced us to a profession few of us have direct knowledge of and how our assumptions about gender, race, and sexuality affect our experience of the news. 

If you’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore, throw on some earbuds and take a listen!

Find more of Jon's work on Burning Bright, a weekly podcast presenting poetry and prose by writers over 50 from Passager Books.

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