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31: Deep Thoughts about Veronica Mars with Joanna Church

Updated: Apr 16

April 9, 2024

“This face right here is my over the moon face.”

This week, Tracie and Emily welcome Joanna Church to share her Deep Thoughts about the television show Veronica Mars. Between trying to recap the telenovela-sounding plot to Tracie (coma babies! children switched at birth! a school bus that drives off a cliff and explodes!), Joanna explains how this hilarious teenage noir teaches us that there is no justice, people cannot reinvent themselves, only become who they truly are, and that all we can hope to have is meaningful relationships. 

Grab your taser and make sure you bring Backup (the dog) while you listen to this week’s episode!

Mentioned in this episode:

CW: Discussions of rape and sexual assault and abstract discussions of suicide

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