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33: Deep Thoughts About The Shining

Updated: Jul 2

April 23, 2024


On this week’s episode of Deep Thoughts, Emily breaks down the horror masterpiece, The Shining. The sisters walk through the ways in which Shelley Duvall’s portrayal of Wendy Torrance is an unexpected feminist icon, how Kubrick created an intentionally incoherent film while abusing his actors (except for 6-year-old Danny Lloyd), and just what is up with the theory that the film is a critique of the genocide of Native Americans. Also: Emily shares her deeply held belief that moving hedge animals are NOT SCARY.

Jump on your big wheel, throw on your headphones and listen…if you dare!

CW: Discussions of domestic violence, child sexual assault, murder, and genocide

Mentioned in this episode:

The September House by Carissa Orlando

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