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39: Deep Thoughts About Event Horizon with Scott Kenemore

Updated: Jul 2

June 4, 2024

Hell is only a word…

This week on Deep Thoughts, the sisters welcome best-selling horror novelist (and Emily’s fellow Kenyon alum) Scott Kenemore to discuss the 1997 cult classic Event Horizon starring Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne. The wide-ranging discussion moves from the meaning of cosmic horror to the importance of intent when creating new technology to the satisfying dichotomy of advanced spacecraft bringing humans to their ancient fears. Much like the movie, this episode is a ride that will take you places you don't expect to go. (But with more laughter, thankfully).

Where we’re going, we don’t need eyes to see…just some headphones to hear this episode!

Content warning: Mention of suicide, self-harm, and sexual harassment.

Want to learn more about Scott? Find him at

Pre-order his book space horror novel Edge of the Wire through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or (which helps support your local independent bookstore).

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