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40: Deep Thoughts About Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Updated: Jul 2

June 18, 2024

We’re not bad…we’re just drawn that way!

In this episode, Emily brings her deep thoughts about a marvel of innovation and animation: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

This 1988 film, a self-conscious mashup of three different animation studios’ styles and the film-noir of the Chinatown films, is a unique vehicle for a conversation about the ways in which art begets art. It also leads to some musings on options for reviving old stories (or genres) in ways that don’t perpetuate old hurts and oppression. In the end, much like with our Deep Thoughts About Clue, we are left with a deep appreciation for the filmmakers who took their task seriously, but never themselves. 

P-p-please! Put in your earbuds and join us in Toontown!

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Manners and Monsters series by Tilly Wallace

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