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5: Deep Thoughts About Harry Potter with Dr. Julian Wamble

September 26, 2023

What if being a muggle actually isn’t a bad thing? J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world of the Harry Potter franchise changed the way we think and talk. But was it for the better?

Professor Julian Wamble joins Tracie and Emily for a fascinating deep dive into the ways the Harry Potter universe and characters are reflections of our world’s problematic structural and chronic biases and oppressions. 

From the fat-phobia embedded in our dislike for Dudley Dursley to the complex femininity of Delores Umbridge to the self-serving saviorism in Hermione’s attempted allyship of the house elves, the Harry Potter universe provides a mirror to contemporary society–if we’re willing to look. 

Want EVEN more deep thoughts about Harry Potter? Explore supremacy, race, politics, and other societal structures baked into the Harry Potter universe with Dr. Julian Wamble’s TikTok (@profw)

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