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8: Deep Thoughts About Clue

Updated: Jul 2

October 17, 2023

It’s Wadsworth in the lounge with the red herring! The 1985 film Clue was a flop when it came out. There were three endings, no clear murderer, and everyone thought making a film based on a board game was just crass.

In this episode, Emily explains how a box-office bomb became a beloved cult favorite, and how this deeply silly little movie subverts cultural expectations about what constitutes a story. She and Tracie enjoy chatting about how Clue is a kids’ movie about adult things, with side conversations about how there is no wrong way to create art, the optimistic lessons to be learned from art that flops but eventually finds its audience, and why Yvette’s French accent was such a formative part of Emily’s childhood.

Join us as we talk about murder, blackmail, monkey’s brains, and flame-flames-flames on the side of my face.

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