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9: Deep Thoughts About Disney's Robin Hood

October 24, 2023

Odelaly! The 1973 animated Robin Hood (with the foxes) is as familiar as matzo-ball soup, but what’s lurking in the comfort?

From treatment of gender–not only a lack of representation but also the performance of gender–to the surprisingly (or maybe not-so-suprisingly?) anti-anti-authoritarian message to the quietly queer-coded villains to the stick-to-your-own-kind romantic pairings, Tracie and Emily have a lot to unpack from those dancing and singing anthropomorphized animals. Even with all of what they uncover, the sisters remain enamored by the solid acting, delightful score, and beautiful–and innovative!–hand-drawn animation.

Join us as we turn a grown-up eye to a pillar of our childhood. We might even sing.

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