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Deep Thoughts About Dirty Dancing (Bonus Episode 5 for Patrons)

Updated: Jul 2

June 11, 2024

Now I had the time of my life…revisiting this classic!

In today’s special patrons-only bonus episode, Tracie dives deep into the unexpected hit film Dirty Dancing. Join the sisters as they unpack Eleanor Bergstein’s very intentional and subversive storytelling that made abortion integral to the plot (which surprised the heck out of college-aged Emily when she realized the abortion subplot had sailed over her head as a kid). Though we still don’t know why it’s bad to put Baby in the corner, it’s delightful to learn that you can go home again…if you’re going home to Kellerman’s with the Houseman family.

Plug in your headphones and shake those maracas as you listen to this episode.

Content warning: Discussion of sexual coercion

Mentioned in this episode:

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