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smart. silly. sisters.

The sibling revelry (aka podcasts) of
Tracie Guy-Decker & Emily Guy Birken

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About Us

We are Tracie Guy-Decker and Emily Guy Birken, known to our extended family as the Guy Girls.


We both have super-serious personas in our "day jobs." No, really. Emily is a Finance writer who used to be a classroom teacher. Tracie writes and consults on social justice and mindfulness and has worked as a project manager for non-profits. If you really need to see the bona fides, please visit our individual websites: and 

For our work together, what you need to know is that Tracie is older (3 years), Emily is funnier (by at least 3 percent), and we're both hella smart, often over-literal, and completely unashamed of our overthinking prowess. We love science fiction and murder mysteries, good storytelling with liberal amounts of dramatic irony, and analyzing pop culture together. 

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About the Sisters

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